Dr. Jeffrey S. Poulin

Lockheed Martin Master Systems Architect, IEEE Certified Software Engineering Professional

Experienced technical leader on large systems development projects, with expertise in systems architecture, systems engineering, and the professional development of junior engineers.Recognized as the world authority on software reuse measurement and business case analysis.


Active in all aspects of competitive cycling, to include leading organized cycling in New York State (since 2003, now serving as NYSBRA President); officiating (since 2000, now serving as an Elite National Commissaire); promoting races (since 1997, now serving as an USA Cycling International Level Certified Race Director); and as a racer (since 1995).


Avid backpacker and overall outdoor enthusiast (e.g., Appalachian Trail thru-hikes in 2017 and 2021).

mobile: +1(607)725-4493
jeffrey.s.poulin Ďatí gmail.com


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