Product Line Engineering

The System Architectures of Major Lockheed Martin Programs

Jeffrey Poulin (presenter)

Senior Software Engineer

Federal Systems


Carol Hayes

Systems Architect

Management & Data Systems

Valley Forge, PA

Chris Pathe

Systems Architect

Federal Systems

Gaithersburg, MD



This paper serves as a pointer to a document containing overviews of the system architectures of eight of Lockheed Martin's major C4I, logistics, and information systems programs. The overviews include the major function of each program, the systems and software architecture employed, and the major hardware, software, and network products used. Authorized Lockheed Martin employees can obtain a copy of the full 130-page System Architecture Catalog (Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information) from the Project Rainbow WWW site.

The System Architecture team from Project Rainbow recently completed a catalog of the system architectures developed by eight of Lockheed Martin's major C4I, logistics, and information systems programs. The catalog contains a 15-20 page synopsis of each contract, customer, and the technical solution to networks, COTS products, database design, and software architecture. The eight programs include:

The Rainbow System Architecture team developed the catalog while studying opportunities for reuse and collaboration across Lockheed Martin. However, the catalog makes a great reference for persons working on proposals, needing to integrate with these systems, or that simply have an interest in the technical solutions to these key DoD programs. Authorized Lockheed Martin employees can download a copy of the 130 page catalog through the Rainbow internal WWW page at:

Project Rainbow represents Lockheed Martin's corporate-wide initiative to increase interoperability and software reuse among Lockheed Martin developed systems in the areas of C4ISR (Command, Control, Communication Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance); Training; Simulation and Modeling; and Mission Support. Arthur E. Johnson, President, Lockheed Martin Systems Integration Group, Information and Service Sector began the project; for more information see the Rainbow WWW site.

About the Authors

Carol Hayes is a systems architect and a member of Lockheed Martin's M&DS Valley Forge Computer Systems Engineering Architecture organization. She has 20 years experience in large scale systems design and development, the last six years were spent working on various M&DS and IS&T program teams specializing in designing distributed client/server architecture.

Chris Pathe is a systems architect and a member of Lockheed Martin Federal System-Gaithersburg's advanced technology organization. Mr. Pathe has designed a number of systems such as the U.S. Forest Service's open systems communications services infrastructure and an information sharing network which connects the law enforcement agencies of the four states bordering Mexico.

Dr. Jeffrey S. Poulin works as a senior software engineer and systems architect with Lockheed Martin Federal Systems- Owego. As a member of the Advanced Technology Group, Dr. Poulin has served as the technical lead of numerous large-scale systems development efforts across Lockheed Martin, to include major information systems proposals and contracts.


The team would like to acknowledge the invaluable leadership and contributions of Roland Weiss, who managed many rainbow technical tasks, to include the development of this catalog. Roland also participated in several site visits, and co-authored the Summary Report that resulted from this study. Roland is a senior systems engineer with Lockheed-Martin Space Mission Systems and Services, where he has served as chief engineer for the Seabrook, MD, operation. He has a Ph.D. in Industrial (Systems) Engineering and has nearly twenty years of systems engineering and program management experience with Bell Laboratories, Ford Aerospace, Loral, and Lockheed Martin.

The team would also like to thank David Weisman, Technical Director of Project Rainbow, who provided sponsorship and funding for this task.